Meet the School Counseling Department

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Advice ~ Help ~ Advocate ~ Support ~ Empower ~ Inspire ~ Career ~ Goals  ~ Motivate

Hey there, Somersworth High School students! Feeling stuck or unsure? Need someone to listen or to offer advice? Whether it's about school work, personal stuff, or just a friendly chat, drop by our office. We're here to support you and to help you make the most out of your time here at SHS.

Justin Carloni
School Counselor and Counseling Coordinator
Mr. Carloni works with last names M-Z
(603) 692-2431 Ext. 1308
[email protected]

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George Heilshorn

School Counselor
Mr. Heilshorn works with last names A-L
(603) 692-2431 Ext. 1309
[email protected]

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Kathy Mahoney
Intervention Counselor
Ms. Mahoney works with Freshman
(603) 692-2431 Ext. 1307
[email protected]

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Sarah Keefe

Social Worker
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Christine Reusch

Registrar and Guidance Secretary
(603) 692-2431 Ext. 1311
Guidance Fax (603) 692-7326
[email protected]

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